Montasa have a certified personal that have knowledge in logistics with the purpose of providing the efficient use of time and space with specialized equipment that will be working on solutions to the needs demanded of you in all different kinds of services including; rental, sale, leasing and service maintenance for forklift.


Leaders in Forklifts

A great customer services is our best presentation letter, with which we have been able to obtain a wide base of more than 2000 clients in different areas; industrial, commercial through all Honduras. Big companies and MIPYMES, /textile manufactory industry, automotriz, recycling industry, agricultural industries,

products that come from plastic and or petroleum, bottlers, construction companies, public or private bonded warehouses and a direct support to companies that distribute and transporting in the country. Our first goal is the satisfaction of our clients, for whom we count with personalized customer service that will provide solutions.


Evaluaciones de nuestros clientes - Marzo 2016


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Years of experience back us up as a successful decision for your business.

Since you call us asking for our service you can be sure that your projects will operate efficiently.

MONTASA personal receives training about environmental and operational measures to provide efficient service to our clients.